Bed Bugs Invasion at Aburaman SHS.

Bwd bugs attacks students.

Aburaman shs-Admaalnews
Students of Aburaman Senior High School in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region have come under bedbug attacks as the insects have invaded the school.
The situation has caused discomfort and health problems for the students, which is hampering academic work.
The first-year students who are the main victims say the bedbugs which have taken over their dormitories attack them in the night around when they are asleep, making sleeping uncomfortable.
This is due to the fact that the dormitories are overpopulated with one room containing over 60 students creating a lot of heat while their ceiling fans do not work.
In an interview with students said the situation has resulted in them always sleeping during instructional hours because they are unable to sleep in the night due to the bedbugs attack.
“We sometimes find bedbugs in our school bags and in our pocket when we go to the classroom to learn. Some also hide in our desks which don’t promote teaching and learning. We sometimes even burn our clothes and uniforms when the situation gets out of hand for us so we are pleading to the school authorities to do something about it for us immediately.”
BY – Kwesi Daniels.

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