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Real Estate Developers Urge To Halt Developments Over Deterioration Of Aburi Mountain.

A Rocha Ghana concerned on looming dangers at Aburi.


A Rocha Ghana, a non-governmental environmental conservation organization wants all construction and real estate developmental activities on the Ayi Mensah Peduade hill halted.

The call comes after nearly an hour of heavy rains on Friday eroded some rock particles and debris from the Aburi mountain unto the highway blocking a part of the road which in the process caused hours of traffic to users of the road.

Though the development occasioned a diversion of the road to enable drivers still move from the Aburi area into Accra, some civil society groups and other environmental conservation organizations have criticized the country’s lack of protection of the environment and enforcement.

According to A Rocha Ghana who are of the view that residents occupying properties uphill are living in danger because if immediate steps are not taken to move the residents and halt activities uphill the situation will further deteriorate.

Daryl Bossu, the Deputy Director of A-Rocha Ghana in an interview  called for immediate evacuation of residents in that area.

“The development at the Aburi mountains is very unfortunate and very artificial which could have been avoided. The first time we heard about the rocks falling off was when we should have acted and taken steps to stop all construction and real estate development along those hills but clearly we failed to do our duty in terms of ensuring compliance to laws and also naturally seeing that something more of a disaster was pending and nothing was done about”.

“With what has happened, if we do not take steps to halt any activity along the hills and even move the people who are living along those hills from there, then we are in for a big disaster. It’s about time we start enforcing laws when it comes to our environment and this is a clear case of abandoning responsibilities, lack of enforcement and lack of planning by our authorities”.

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