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Reasons why you should pick a yogurt seller over a fraud guy.

Welcome to Admaal Relationship Arena where strict relationship problems are discussed.
Most at times in our youth ages, we get confused as to who we should really choose to share our lives with. As guys gruesomely keep sliding in our inboxes each time, so does the anxiety of picking best guy increases.

Before any woman should accept a man’s proposal, the top most things that comes in mind are, if he is a matured man who is responsible enough comparing to his looks, whether he wants you for life or he just to play around with you and what he finally does for living.

Today, lets look at some self explanatory reasons why any ordinary Ghanaian woman should pick a yogurt seller over a fraud boy if both should be asking her out.

Lawfully, a yogurt seller does a legitimate business while a fraud guy steals from innocent people – Unlike a yogurt seller who’s hustles are real, scammers are known for lying, persuading and stealing from people.
A hardworking yogurt seller would only end up being a rich man with mansions with the support of a good woman(you) and the help of God while a fraud guy could also end up spending the rest of his life in prison and blaming God for the terrible decisions he took at his early ages.

Economically, a yogurt seller values money compared to a fraud guy – yogurts sellers are said to value money because after a hard day’s hustles, they don’t spend their profit lavishly but then scammers would, because they know very well what they have to do in another minutes to scam another innocent soul.

Physically, a yogurt seller might not look good compared to a fraud guy because he would rather save his profit for reasonable future use unlike a fraud guy who would spend all the stolen money designer wears flaunting them all around.

A yogurt seller could change the his job as time goes on and would get better chances due to his handwork but a fraud guy would only move from his normal way of scamming as time goes on to a more advance way of scamming which could mean him visiting other ungodly places and performing sacrifices that would earn him more cash.

Emotionally, they both could give you the required attention, love and care but then for how long would that continue  if things turn to the worse? 
Apparently a yogurt seller has more patience and could endure bad situations because selling just an ice-cream a day and still feeding from the profit gained could teach one the best of lessons while a fraud boy usually has less tolerance for patience and would do the unthinkable like using you, the girlfriend for money rituals if his normal way of scamming should fail.

It is totally okay to choose a guy you think would love, support and help you grow but remember not to always follow guys with flashy life styles due of your selfish interest because you would never know where their riches comes from.

All that glitters might not always be gold.

Meanwhile, accepting a man who is struggling to make his life better, a hard working man who wouldn’t be able to buy you all you desire and all the flashy life style now, will surely keep you alive, respect and love you.
Helping each other grow in a relationship, supporting each other financially when need arises, planning and building your future together aside love should always be in a lady’s to do list.

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