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Teacher Percy Jackson Confirms Death Of Lil Dance Partner In “Omo Ada” Viral Video Prince Jackson

Image: Percy Jack Gh/Facebook

The death is reported of Prince Jackson, the little dancing kid in the viral Omo Ada dance video with creative arts teacher, Percy Jackson.

A couple of days ago, reports emerged that the little boy who danced with dance teacher Percy Jackson using Medikal‘s Omo Ada is dead.

According to reports, the little boy fell down and hit his head on the ground but no attention was given to the fall by his parents until it led to his death. Medical reports state the cause of death as internal bleeding.

The teacher who was in the video with the boy, Percy Jacckson took to his social media handles to confirm the news. He also revealed that he was away when the incident occured.

He indicated that after the boy fell, he was left unattended to for 5 days before the unexpected happened.

Here’s the post;

and the explanation;

Here’s Percy and Prince Jackson when he was alive.

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