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Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets And Warning Shoots Shot At Law Students Over Protest .

Ghana police arrests few law student over protest on bad results.

A planned peaceful protest by hundreds of aggrieved law students yesterday, to push for reforms in Ghana’s legal education system turned violent.

Though the reason for the violence is unclear, news men understands that nine of the protestors were picked up by the Police.

Water cannons were fired on the law students while warning shots were also fired as students tried to march to the Jubilee House.

Some protesters were also reportedly injured by rubber bullets.

Reports indicate that those who were picked up were manhandled as they were forced into police trucks.

protesting gone wrong as Ghana police fires water cannons and picked up few law students.

The protest by the law students follows the latest massive failure recorded at the Ghana School of Law, as only 128 students out of 1,820, passed this year’s entrance exam.

The march was expected to end at the Jubilee House with the leadership presenting a petition to the President.

The protestors were however prevented from getting to the Jubilee House.

The protestors further presented copies of their petition to former President, John Dramani Mahama, Ministry of Justice, Ghana Bar Association and the Canadian Embassy.

John Mahama has meanwhile assured the students of a conversation to open up the country’s legal system.

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