4 Ways to Forget Your ‘Ex’

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Welcome to Admaal love arena. Today, lets discuss some ways to forget your ex partner.Most at times, the problem isn’t about quitting but rather how to cope without the person you were once in love with.

If you are of your final decision to leave a relationship and never go back to it, here are some ways to guide you in achieving your aim.

  1. Accept the fact that the relationship is over: When you are ready to accept the fact that your relationship with your partner is over, your willingness to come to terms with that makes it easier for you to move on and fight depression.
  2. Forgive your ex and let go off all past errors: Your ability to forgive your ex gives you freedom from the inside and helps you heal faster. Remember that what Christ did on the cross. Irrespective of who is at fault, learn to forgive.
  3. Break all communications: You cannot heal a wound by scratching it open every day. You cant say you want to get over someone while you still call or text the person every day. You need to break all communications for some time. Give yourself time to heal.
  4. Make new friends: After a breakup, don’t allow your mind to be idle, make friends, learn some skills, get new hobbies, read news books, listen to inspirational messages, and go to seminars, conferences and picnics. Don’t go into another relationship too soon; give yourself more time to help you heal completely. Learn to make yourself happy for yourself and by yourself.
  5. Activate your spirit hot zone: This is a very important and necessary. Make peace with God. Be prayerful and be grateful for your last relationship. Always remember that, heart break could be a blessing in disguise. Learn to be thankful and walk with God ad He would see you through.

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