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52% Ghanaians will retain NPP in gov’t after 1-year in office- Survey

Out of some 5000 respondents interviewed in 250 electoral areas across the country, a total of 52.7% of Ghanaians said they will vote for the Akufo-Addo led government.
A paltry 33.1% of Ghanaians would vote for the opposition National Democratic Congress.
The survey also showed a 62% approval rating for an administration which has been heavily criticized in its first year by the biggest opposition party.
The NDC has criticized the one-year-old government for reneging on its campaign promises, engaging in acts of corruption and cover-up.
The ex-president, John Mahama even described the government as an “unaware government” citing the posturing by government officials in recent TV license, DVLA first aid kits and the cash-for-seat scandals.
Despite heavy criticisms by the opposition, the majority of Ghanaians sampled believe the government is on the right track.NDC
Joy News’ Joseph Ackah Blay who was present at a press conference to announce the poll results reported the poll also covered other interesting areas, including who should be the NDC candidate in the 2020 elections.


The 5000 respondents were sampled in all ten regions. The organisers selected 250 electoral areas with at least 18 constituencies believed to be NDC stronghold and 14 constituencies believed to be NPP stronghold. The survey was conducted late last year.
The head of the Political Science department of the University of Ghana, Dr Bossman Asare said of the 5000 respondents 56% of them voted for the NPP and 36% for the NDC in the 2016 elections which means there is some reduction of votes a year after the NPP reign and a similar reduction in votes as well for the NDC.
The respondents found the free SHS, fight against galamsey, restoration of the teachers and nursing trainee allowances as some of the impressive policies of the government for which reason they would retain the NPP.
The respondents also stated the government had shown enough capacity and commitment to implement its campaign policies in its first year in office.
Even though the Free SHS policy has faced a number of infrastructural challenges the respondents applauded the government for taking the initiative to execute the policy.
Asked who they would rather have as the presidential candidate for the NDC majority of the respondents settled on John Mahama as the candidate to be retained.

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