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9 Simple Steps To Becoming Super Rich

Everybody wants to be rich, but the question is, do you want to be rich?

This question means a lot because inasmuch as people want to be rich, their lifestyle derails their quest. They spend whatever they get and still want to get rich.

If you have dreams of getting super rich, then follow these 9 steps and you’ll be there.

1. Mentally Commit.

The first step to becoming rich is accepting and believing that you can become rich. It’s possible to become rich so make that decision to become a millionaire and tell yourself that each day.

2. Save For investment.

There’s a difference between saving and investing. Saving just accumulates what you’re reserving over a period of time. Investment on the other hand deals with putting money in an investment package that accrues interest over a period of time. Don’t just save your money in the bank, save it and throw it into an investment package so you can make profit on your money over a period.

3. Invest Early.

There’s some truth in the saying that the early bird gets the worm. Investments accrue massive returns when done over a long period, therefore your journey to riches should start early. Don’t wait till you’re about to come on retirement before you start investing. Start now.

4.. Spend Like A Rich Person.

I know you’re get confused with this because you think the rich actually spend more. Yes, they do but what they have is a system that keeps them in check. How much are you spending on utilities, how much should go into fees, how much goes into rent, how much will you spend on yourself and finally, how much goes into investment? Once you have all this set, you’ll have financially disciplined to move into riches.

5. Tap Into Hidden Income

We all have that extra money we spent on stuff we could avoid. One that one thing we could have gotten a good price or fee if we had bargained a little more. What do you gain from being online everyday for you to spend 100 cedis a month on data? Unless you have businesses you run online, reduce this amount and push the excess into investment. Cut down on all those extra pizza and ice cream and you’ll be on your way to riches.

6. Increase Your Income Streams.

You can never become super rich while sticking to one income stream. The rich people all over the world have various income streams. This ensures that while one goes down, the others sustain in that order. Increasing your income stream also means getting more money coming in. An income stream could be an investment, a new business, a part-time job etc. Just make sure you have another source of making money.

7. Start Your Own Business.

Nobody becomes super rich by working for another person. What happens is that while working for somebody, you could start your own business and be making money alongside what you make from your job. Any rich person working for somebody else, has his/her own business.

8. Live Like You’re Broke.

The problem with us is that once we start making more money, we start living lavishly. That is no way to become super rich. Even if your income quadruples, continue living like you’re still on that small income. Don’t spend recklessly because you’re making money, put that money into other ventures to make you more money, that is what the rich do.

9. Associate With The Rich.

How can you become like them if you don’t get close to them? get close to the rich people in society, this offers you an opportunity to listen to their conversation. What do they talk about? What are their interests? Plus, you can also ask them questions on how they got to that level of success. When you do this, you’ll realise that after a while, you’ll start behaving and acting like them. They’ll influence your life without them even knowing.

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