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Amidu Provides Evidence To AG To Retrieve £45 Million Wrongfully Sent To Waterville.

Retrieval of money from Waterville.



The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has presented material evidence to assist the Attorney General to retrieve some 47 million Euros judgment debt wrongfully paid to Waterville Holdings.
This comes on the heels of Mr  Amidu’s confession that he’d evidence that could help the state retrieve the money.
Martin Amidu
He’d maintained his ability to establish evidence that will help the people of Ghana to get the money back and that the AG was not doing enough to enforce the judgement.
A 15-page writ has been filed with the Supreme Court by Mr. Amidu to enable the enforcement of the Judgment debt against Waterville Holdings.
The Court had given both parties two weeks to collaborate to see how best to enforce the judgement for the money to be retrieved.
In June 2014 the Supreme Court ordered Waterville to refund the amount of £47million paid to it by the state, because the payment was unconstitutional made.





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