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Cape Coast Pitch Invader Awal Suleman London Renders Apology For Action

Image: Awal London Suleman/Facebook

Awal Suleman, the guy who briefly interrupted the Ghana vrs South Africa game has apologised.

As can be recalled, a young man run unto the pitch during the Ghana versus South Africa AFCON qualifier at the Cape Coast stadium.

The security agencies on duty managed to arrest him and held in custody pending processing for court.

According to the young man, known as Awal Suleman, he only went unto the pitch to take a selfie with his idol, Thomas Partey.

Image: Abubakar Razak/Facebook

As it turns out, Awal has been granted bail and he’s taken to social media to apologise for his action.

Check out what he posted on Facebook:

Warm greetings, good people of Ghana!
To start, I should say that I am very well and kicking, having not being injured or tortured.
I am very grateful to the Police Service for due diligence done in such a dire time. It wasn’t easy but they conducted themselves in an appropriate manner worth commending.
Before I go on to say anything, I would like the good people of this country to know that I am very sorry of my action on that fateful day. I hope my action didn’t mar the well-deserved victory of our gallant Black Stars. I wish we all can agree that it was a show of passion gone wrong. I pray no one dares pull such a stunt, for the better of ourselves, our acquaintances, and the image of the country in entirety.
I would like to thank every one of the journalists who run my story, my well wishers who clamoured for my release without fear or panic, and my immediate acquaintances for humbly succumbing to the law to take it’s due course. A worthy mention of the Kotokuraba Zongo Youth for their immense support. I am extremely grateful to you all. There are a lot of names to be mentioned with regards to efforts to see me released, which will be mentioned in due time. For now, all I would like to do is show remorse for my action, and thank duly the journalists and any other individual who believed my action was a good one, but executed at the wrong time.
I pray the peace that has found me, finds you wherever you are. Long live Ghana football! Long live Ghana!! Medaase!!!

Awal Suleman is a student nurse at the Nalerigu College of Nursing.

He completed Apam Senior High School and was a 400-metre runner.

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