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Check Out Diminutive Actor Don Little’s Beautiful And Endowed Actress Girlfriend

Image: GiftNunooOwusu/Instagram

Don Little is a Ghanaian actor and comedian.

He was discovered by comedian Funny Face who showed him to the world. However, they fell out years ago and though they both claim things are okay between them, they’re are not like before.

don little
Image: DonLittleOfficial/Instagram

Don Little is very small, he would probably be under 3 feet but in several interviews, he’s indicated that he likes heavily endowed women.

If you thought he was just bragging wth those words, then you have another thing coming your way.

We just came across the woman Don Little is dating and the guy indeed likes big things.

The said lady is called Gifty Nunoo Owusu, she’s a beautiful actress and well endowed.

According to Gifty, she loves Don Little and will not trade him for anybody or anything.

Check out Don Little’s girlfriend, Gifty below:


Image: GiftyNunooOwusu/Instagram


Image: GiftyNunooOwusu/Instagram


Image: GiftyNunooOwusu/Instagram


gifty nunoo owusu
Image: GiftyNunooOwusu/Instagram


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