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Cocoa Farmers Appeal To Government For Support.

Assist us with pension schemes - GNCF president.

The Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association has held sensitization training for cocoa farmers to enhancing the cocoa farming in the Ghana with “theme “small holders cocoa farmers to be united as one people for better a country.
According to the president, Mr Anane Boateng said that, Government of Ghana, His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa and the Agric ministry must use our bonuses as  mutual health insurance to those in rural areas, people in rural areas suffering after the season of cocoa there is no money from anywhere, no money to  attend hospital.
Politician always promise cocoa farmers during campaign but when they get into power they abandon us. Cocoa farmers are really suffering especially in rural areas,Cocoa Board has been in the country for 70 years now but their performance are very poor. he added.
Local cocoa farmers
He then humbly appeal to the government to assist them with pension scheme, so they can also look after their children when they are on pension
Speaking to the Sekyere East District Chairman of Cocoa Farmers Association in Effiduase and it’s environs, Mr Clement Duku has stated clearly that Agricultural sector in Ghana is very poor especially cocoa which is the backbone and commodity which enable the country to generate income and revenue to the state.
The Chairman lamented their challenges confronting the farming industry that, Man sprayers are on strike they said government owned them two months and our cocoa products are destroying,fertilizers and the others cocoa medicines are too small.
Sensitization program for local farmers
  Moreover,the farmers are blaming the government for poor performance in cocoa sector. In fact the government might be blame for end of the year,because cocoa farmers are not earning anything.
 He appeal to the government to come and assist the cocoa sector because farmers are really suffering especially in those in rural areas and mostly all of our cocoa are producing from villages.
Source by: Nana Ama Takyiaw.

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