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GFA Presidential Candidate Debate; Who Becomes The Next GFA President?

GFA Presidential debate normalization.



The much talked about normalization Committee of the  Ghana football association  presidential candidate debate  came off.
In what looked like a heated debate the various candidates  took turns to highlight their vision ,plans and aspirations for the football family if  they were elected as the next football president.
Revenue generation,Mr George Ankomah one of the  aspirants  made mention that for effective revenue generation the structures have to be strengthened and strategically positioned in other to make the ellit game more attractive to the cooperate world.
On his part, Mr Simeon okrku said that in other to achieve this aim he would establish a marketing and sponsorship department at the football association with qualified officials who have the knowledge to help the football association on that aspect.
Mr Fred pappoe also retreated the fact that as a football family we need to put our house in other as an association and package our games very well so enjoy the 4.5 billion sky sports and DStv pays to the English and south AfricanFootball association, but in a sharp contrast  Madame Amda Clinton  said if she was elected as the FA boss she would have stakeholder meeting with Government to  raise the taxes or have a percentage  on the mineral resources exported by the mineral firms in the country so the FA  move from the old order of generating funds form Gate revenue in which Nana Yaw Amponsah said that  packaging and making match day games well to attract  the right viewership would be a plus to our games and also  structuring a well lucrative contracts for the players.
On the running of the prime League by an independent body the candidates shared various  views on how it would work but it was a gradual process for that idea to be implemented  but if it was rushed it would crush
On crowd violence at the stadium all the candidates shared various views and Mr Amponsah  made mention of the training of stadium  stewards but Mr krut Simeon okrku said he would regather pray the Ghana police service to establish  soccer police  within the service to handle crowd violence at stadium’s
On armature football  madam Clinton and Nana Yaw Amponsah made mention of improving the structures to develop the armature colts football at the grass roots and also investment in the state of the art quality pitches and proper equipment.
Cheating and match fixing,all the candidates agreed to the fact that is has not helped the association in any way and recommend stiffer punishment  for the club or officer  and also have that team lose it right to play that League.
Mr Fred papoe said it was high time we rekindle our interest in armature football and that he would tax all the RFA’s as a mature of urgency organize amature  legs, and all sponsorship rates of 20/50 to be centered in the juvenile and women football
Nana Yaw Amponsah made mention that the woman’s football Will be given equal opportunities like their male counterparts under his administration and with attractive salary  but in a sharp contrast Mr okreku said he would rather prefer building form the scratch and give them the basics to make the woman’s league and it players very attractive and also
Mr papoe said if we use the available  Channel to develop the league and get more sponsorship.
But virtually all the candidates performance was  impressive on the night but election day would decide who would lead the association

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