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H3N2 Flu Outbreak : Over 300 Students In Krobo Girls Quarantined.

Flu attack at krobo girls.


The Ghana Health Service in the Eastern Region has moved in to control an outbreak of H3N2 Flu in three Schools in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Region.
The schools affected are Krobo girls where 300 students have been quarantined, Akuse Methodist Secondary Technical where 40 students have been quarantined and the Legacy College, a private school.
This was after students from the schools reported separately at health facilities with symptoms.
Samples collected for Lab test proved positive of H3N2 with Medical Teams dispatched by the Regional Health Directorate to the area.
The Eastern Regional Health Director, Dr. Albert Antobre in an interview said the situation is under control.
“…What was worrying was that simultaneously the students started reporting at various hospitals at the same time with headache, fever, and sore throat but fortunately for us, our surveillance system picked it up and started treating them. The seriously sick ones were treated, the mild ones were given some paracetamol and they are okay.”
Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 (A/H3N2) is a subtype of viruses that causes influenza (flu). H3N2 viruses can infect birds and mammals. In birds, humans, and pigs, the virus has mutated into many strains. In years in which H3N2 is the predominate strain, there are more hospitalizations.


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