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Habiba Bint-Abdallah, The1st Hijab Wearing Miss Malaika Runner Up.

Muslimma crowned Miss Malaika 2nd runner up.

Habiba Bint-Abdallah, The1st Hijab Wearing Miss Malaika Runner Up.

A historic record was set over the weekend at the Miss Malaika grand finale.

Among the top three who have been crowned as this year’s Queens, an overall winner with two runner ups, was one Habiba Bint-Abdallah, a 23-year-old Muslim, who was adjudged, the 2nd runner up.



Habiba, who worn her Hijab throughout the weeks of the pageantry show, was as well crowned whilst wearing her hijab and this makes her the first Muslim to reach such feat ever since the running of the Miss Malaika beauty contest.

19 year old, University of Ghana student, Phylis Vesta Boison, was however crowned the 2019 Queen and Freda Mbord Astanga, 23, was named as the first runner up at the event which happened at the National Theatre.

Prior to their crowning moment, Habiba, who was one of two Muslim girls, who were in the top 10 finalists, stated in her speech that, one of her intentions in the competition, is to empower other Hijab wearing girls that their religious identity must not be barrier to their goals, and accordingly, she has set the historical precedent.



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