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ISIS Grenades: Don’t panic – Irbad

The suspects were arrested in the morning of Monday, 15 January with seven grenades and other ammunition.

One suspect, Abdul Karim, was picked up by the police through intelligence at Agape in Accra and he subsequently led to the arrest of the two other suspects, Osman Alhassan, 33; and Ishmael Ali Musa, 31. Ishmael Ali Musa is believed to have ties with ISIS in Libya.

Commenting on the issue, Mr Ibrahim said on Monday that: “A careful look at the seven grenades … points to the fact that they are military grade MK2 explosives capable of causing damage within a radius of between 150 and 200 meters on impact.

“[Inasmuch] as this is scary, it should not cause fear and panic within the Ghanaian population. We have gallant men and women in uniform who are working round the clock to keep Ghanaians safe”.

According to him, Ghana has a “diligent police force and a robust army on standby to keep Ghana safe”.

“We call on the media to make an effort to allay the fears of the good people of Ghana as our security services piece together the needed evidence to prevent any attack that could be in the offing.

“In the meantime, citizens should go about their daily activities without any fear or panic and be ready to volunteer information on any suspicious movements or packages, as Ghana tightens checks at all our 42 approved and unapproved entry points to prevent any further ISIS infiltration,” he added.

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