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ISIS Grenades: Police rushed – Boakye-Djan

According to the retired military officer, the press statement issued by the police was premature and inappropriate since, in his view, thorough investigations should have first been conducted to unearth all the hidden facts behind the issue before coming out to make a statement.

On Monday, 15 January, the police announced the arrest of the three suspects for possessing seven grenades and other explosive ammunition.

One suspect, Abdul Karim, was picked up through police intelligence at Agape in Accra and he subsequently led to the arrest of two other suspects, Osman Alhassan, 33; and Ishmael Ali Musa, 31.

Ishmael Ali Musa is believed to have ties with terrorist group ISIS in Libya.

Speaking on the issue on Ghana Yensom in Accra100.5FM on Tuesday, 16 January, Major Boakye-Djan (rtd), said: “I’m sure if police detectives have an issue of this nature, there is a procedure that they will have to go through.

“My question is that: have they complied with that procedure? Have they referred this issue to the relevant agencies that will conduct further investigations to come out with conclusions? All these have not been done and the police rushed to go public.”

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