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“The National Health Insurance Scheme is in the intensive care unit”- Sammy Gyamfi

The communications Director of the biggest opposition party NDC, has declared the National Health Insurance Scheme to be in the intensive care Unit.

He said this in a rebuttal to the claim by the president,Akuffo-Addo on the State of the Nation’s Address delivered by the president on the 20th February,2020.

Sammy Gyamfi was laying claims to the true state of the nation on a TV station on Monday evening.

He claims the NHIS is virtually collapsed under the ruling NPP Government and the NDC has two strong policies to revive and rejuvenate the NHIS if voted into power.

The communication Director also backed the collapse of the NHIS to the inability of the authority pay its debts owing to various service providers across the nation and as a result,service providers are on the verge of withdrawing their services from the scheme.

Sammy claims the NDC under the leadership of John Mahama will implement just two policies to lift the NHIS from it’s current predicament.

These he said are, cancellation of the capping policy implemented by the NPP under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and also the NDC will find an additional source of funding for the NHIS.

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