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These Pictures Of The Newly Opened Ultra Modern Kejetia Market Will Make You Cry

The Kumasi Kejetia Market was recently opened after undergoing massive renovation

Image: GYF TV/Facebook

The Kejetia Central Market was an open-air market regarded as the biggest in Africa.

It went under massive reconstruction a couple of years ago and was finally opened somewhere in May this year after series of allocation delays.

This is how the market looked after the reconstruction.


Beautiful right? yes, it is.

You’ll think that such an edifice will be highly maintained to allow it retain it’s glitz and justly the amount of money spend on it but no.

Our attitude as Ghanaians will not allow us to do the right thing.

We chanced on these photos of the Kejetia Market and it’s a sorry sight. Garbage has been piled on the roads and sidewalks of the market and you’ll wonder if it’s the same place that was opened not long ago.

Check out these pictures and let’s know what you think in the comment section.

(Pictures courtesy of GYF TV on Facebook)


Image: GYF TV/Facebook


Image: GYF TV/Facebook


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